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With recent reports outlining that the eco fibres market is set to hit almost £50 billion by 2020, at SKiN&BLISS we’re thrilled to see that our ethos of sustainable, responsible clothing is steadily becoming industry-wide common practise.

Fast, disposable fashion may be continuing to grow, but what happens to those clothes at the end of their life is vital to preserve the environment. With big, high-street retailers such as H&M recently announcing that they are now incorporating recycled cotton from the clothes it collects back into its denim range, it ensures that the clothes we wear and buy our children don’t harm the planet.

SKiN&BLiSS is all about championing fair trade and supporting brands that use organic materials and fibres. Brands like indikidual, chooses to use only organic cotton and organic dying and printing methods so that there are no harmful chemicals involved in producing each range of kids clothing. Made from GOTS and FLO certified cotton, it means the cotton they use is 100% organic and a fair price has been paid.

Similarly, another of our brands L’asticot puts great emphasis not only on the comfort and appearance of kids, but also for their future. They use only the finest materials and natural fibres such as cotton, wool, flax and hemp, while respecting the rules of fair trade – taking care of our environment is taking care of our children.

By continuing to support the eco fibres market, we can all work together to help eliminate child labour, forced overtime, poverty wages, unsafe conditions, harassment of women workers and intimidation of trade unionists.

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