Bubble is THE kids trade show in the UK…..loads of great brands on offer for buyers from stores like SKiN & BLiSS.

Having done the Trade Show thing for the last 8 years in my previous life I fully appreciate the work that these brands invest in creating these marvellous collections, & then talking to people like me for 2 days trying to sell it!! Not easy, so well done to everyone who showed at Bubble this weekend. SKiN & BLiSS are always on the look out for brands that connect with our customers & our values of Ethically Produced garments. So it was great to unearth several brands yesterday that are made in the UK, use organic cotton & are truly Ethical Brands.

immink is Made in the UK – in fact the yarn is knitted up in Leicestershire and then is dyed in a Yorkshire Mill that has been going for over 100 years. The gorgeous soft jersey is then shipped  down to Norfolk where  it will be cut & sewn over the next few weeks & delivered to SKiN & BLiSS at the end of August. Amazing product sourced & produced in the UK and comes with 5 star service!! Can’t wait to showcase immink as we will be one of the first online stores to sell immink in the UK!!

Corby Tindersticks is another brand that uses UK production to print their fabulously quirky tee shirts & dresses. Organic tee shirts sourced in Ethically Approved factories from the USA. The prints are very childlike & loads of fun…..again SKiN & BLiSS will be one of only a few of stores stocking Corby Tindersticks.

Indikidual is a brand that will be on SKiN & BLiSS later this month – and we simply cannot wait. Quirky & fun and obviously very individual. The range for Spring 2013 looked stunning and again the range uses organic cotton which is great for you, your little ones & the farmers who grow it!!

Dandy Star looked great as always – great work Charlotte…..loving the Cuba tee!!

Here’s to Spring 2013!!


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  1. Bianca {Little Scandinavian} June 20, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Congratulations on your launch and very much looking forward to seeing you around!

    • MarkFood June 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

      thanks for your kind comments Bianca…make sure you stay in touch

      thanks again

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