Don’t Panic It’s Organic

February 2016 sees the launch of another super eco friendly range of kids clothes from mini rodini. The drive to make clothes that not only look great but are made using organic cotton and in a way that is sustainable & environmentally friendly is part of their DNA.

mini rodini’s attitude to their Corporate Social Responsibility is exemplary – it shines through in everything they do…….and now 95% of the entire range (and it is a big range believe me) is made with sustainable materials.

Producing materials and products will always have an impact – the challenge is to minimise it as much as possible. This working way comes from consistent – and hard – work that starts in the very first stage of the production process; the design phase. It affects decisions in choosing the right supplier, building the product quality and technical construction and sourcing its materials. Mini Rodini always adjusts and improves the design of the products to make them last as long as possible, both aesthetically and quality-wise, leaving as little waste as possible. Their strong values and goals of doing the very best they can for the environment, animals and everyone that makes, handles or uses the products. There are very many labels and ways to mark a product “sustainable” or “organic”. While others mark a product “sustainable” or “organic” even though it only consists of 5% organic or sustainable materials, mini rodini mark products only when an average of minimum 80-90% of the composition is sustainable.

The labelling concept used by mini rodini is a transparent way of helping the customer understand why the brand is sustainable or eco-friendly. Everything is covered from packaging, to the use the organic & sustainable materials, limiting the use of harmful chemicals, transport, workers rights, factory standards, use of certified organic materials ……quite clearly what your little ones wears matters. Not only to you as a parent but also to the workers who make it, the environment & of course to mini rodini.

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