Happy Fathers Day!!

So it’s the day to celebrate our Dads this Sunday! Happy Father’s Day Dad & to all the rest of the Dad’s out there who have or are in the middle of doing what I have embarked upon….that is a journey to rebalance the constant battle of attempting to be the breadwinner, to be a great Dad & of course being a fantastic husband. One of the things that helps us to succeed in all of these tasks is TIME.

The birth of SKiN & BLiSS has been the catalyst for me as a father not only to create something that I am passionate about, but also to allow me to devote more time to being a ‘half decent’ Dad through using my day in a far more effective way than I have done for the past 8 years. Until Feb 2012 the start of my day was spent driving far too fast down the M11 & arriving in the office stressed to the max. Grabbing an hour with my girls for the drop off in the morning was my contribution to parenting unless I could arrive home before 8pm in order to grab 10 minutes just before bed time. Just like thousands of other Dad’s in the UK.

My day now is far more attuned to spending quality time with my girls & arriving at the office 5 minutes after dropping the girls at school stress free. Sure, the stress of starting a new company & spreading confidence that the future of SKiN & BLiSS is all good is not easy. But the goal of giving your kids TIME whilst managing to build a company that promotes positive messages about the way we do business is very worthwhile. And they both get involved in the modelling, although I’m not sure about the ethical value of employing your own kid’s as models??!!

I’m sure one of the benefits of this economic downturn will be the shift in more & more Dads been forced to realise the cost of that commute, realising the cost of not spending time with your kids and seeing the benefits of rebalancing your life.

Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. Paula Wheeler June 15, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    Nicely written. Fathers and the role they have with their children – too often underplayed but so important. Poignant.

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