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Hatley was one of the first brands that we spotted when planning our line up & what a signing it has proved to be. Kid’s love the rainwear & Mum’s tell us that the quality & value are top class. The PJs are excellent quality & the choice is vast….

So just who & what is Hatley?

It started over twenty years ago with a sense of humor, a talented painter, her restless husband and the Little Blue House gift store in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada. Alice, the painter, opened a gallery to show her work in North Hatley. As her paintings sold, her husband created a range of aprons that sold very well, and so a company called Hatley was born.

As the company thrived Alice & John handed over the reigns to their 3 sons who have now built Hatley into a brand that is sold worldwide, produces wonderful children’s clothing & adheres to the principles laid down by their parents:

  • family
  • good design
  • quality
  • fun
  • social & environmental responsibility

This latest range is full of fun prints & the feedback so far from Mums & kids is first rate. The well ridged soles on the wellies, sturdy pull on handles fantastic prints make these Rainboots the perfect foil for our our wet British Summer!!  Staying dry has never been so much fun!!

Hatley are big fans of playing out in the rain so making raincoats kind of went against the grain…but after years of research they have come up with a super line up of rainwear that features extra cosy terry lining, waterproof & super soft outer shell, nice deep pockets & they are free from PVC. PVC is really not a good idea from both a environmental & health perspective. The manufacturers have to add some pretty nasty chemicals to stabilise the PVC – so thank goodness the Hatley products are all PVC free!!

So as you can see Hatley is yet another SKiN&BLiSS brand that really is made with love, passion & responsibility. Enjoy the rain!!


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