Indikidual Has Landed!!

So Friday 22nd June marked a momentous day in the SKiN & BLiSS time line……not only were we granted our British Trademark, but one of the stand out brands at Bubble landed at SKiN & BLiSS towers ( well it was actually found hiding underneath the BBQ – god bless parcel force!!)

The point about any piece of creative work, whether it’s art, design or music, is surely to create a point of difference. In an ever decreasing universe the moment  of success can be short lived when a new single, band, artist hurtles onto the scene. The world of social media loves it & drops it in a heart beat as the next piece comes hurtling behind it. Not so with Indikidual. The brand has so obviously been nurtured and cared for during it’s incubation. The fact that every piece has a nickname…Dogga Dogga, Winston, Mr Moo & my absolute must have piece Boris the POM POM Hat, illustrates that this brand will be around for some time. And like the kid’s that have inspired it, I’m sure it will evolve & grow into a favourite amongst MOMS & DADS everywhere. The brand is fun, it’s alive, it’s quirky & above all is very creative.

The other thing that we love, apart from the fact that it’s manufactured from 100% Organic Cotton, is the messy play workshops that Indikidual run alongside the brand. The workshops are real & they encourage creativity…talk about walking the walk!! What better way than to engage with parents & the indikiduals…indeed I’m sure some of the kids from the workshops will have inspired the designers to create some very original pieces in the Indikidual range. Keep playing & stay messy!!

Just a thought on pricing…well its important in these austere & testing times. I’m sure we’d all love to pay less for everything. Well, we might if Jimmy & Gary paid the ‘fair’ rate of tax (couldn’t avoid having a little dig…I know there’s plenty more who should dig a little deeper). Anyway back to pricing…because Indikidual are selective about which factories they choose, this means that everyone in the process of manufacturing the garments receives a living wage. The supply chain is sustainable & above all the garments are manufactured using organic cotton which is so much better for everyone involved. So maybe its worth paying a little bit more if that means we’re helping to create something that has a positive impact on people’s lives & a positive impact on the fields where the cotton is grown.

Enough politics for one day…have a great weekend everyone!!

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