Top 10 Rainy Days With Kids

We’re hardly experiencing an Indian Summer here in Blighty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the kids during the summer holidays. What it may mean, however, is that a little thought and planning ahead of time will do wonders to help the days go smoothly should the sky open up and it begins raining cats & dogs.

So, what are the top 10 things to do with kids during a rainy British summer, you ask?

10. Build a den in the garden (or indoors if you don’t have a garden): Whether you use your trusty camping tent or create a DIY shelter using a tarp and rope (or even a sheet), kids love a home away from home. Ours includes some floor pillows and an old rug and we’ve even made some decorations to hang from the poles at the top. Inside are books, colours, dolls and dinosaurs. One of the best things about building a den in the garden is that even if it rains, kids love the sound of the raindrops falling and it’s a great place to serve afternoon tea. Here are some great tips on buidling your own den from The Eden Project.

9. Visit an indoor play centre: OK, so they’re not (usually) the most glamourous, nor are they always top of the list for grown-ups, but kids of most ages love them. And, it means mum and/or dad can sit down and have elevenses. Make sure you arrive early though during summer holidays to beat the crowd. We found this directory that lists some soft play areas in the UK.

8. Pick a destination and go on a train ride: Make an outing of it. Kids love the excitement of a day out on the train. Why not select somewhere to have lunch together or visit a museum?

7. Go to the cinema or have a movie day at home:Enjoy being indoors and choose a film that makes everyone laugh. Popcorn, sweets and giggles are sure to brighten the day!

6. Go Swimming: All kids love swimming and it’s easy to understand why. There are loads of places to try out, so why not go somewhere you’ve not been before to make it even more exciting? Plus, there are a few different promotions going on for free swimming, which means there’s no excuse not to go. We’ve listed two of the offers we came across below:
Free Swimming: Kelloggs Promotion 
Free Swimming: British Gas Olympic Promotion 

5. Have a party or get-together:OK, so this may seem extravagant, but it doesn’t have to be. Most cities/towns/villages have halls for hire at a reasonable hourly rate, so you don’t even have to host the get-together in your own home unless you have the space and want to do so. Chances are most other children are longing for things to do when the weather is a bit glum, so why not brighten the day by having a Beach-themed party or a Pirate party complete with treasure hunt indoors?  Get your friends to pitch in and consider doing this weekly in lieu of any groups that are off due to summer holidays.

4. Go to the seaside:Yes, really! Unless there’s a torrential thunderstorm with a flash flood warning there’s no reason you shouldn’t visit the seaside resorts. Most seaside towns have plenty to do if it rains, including covered entertainment areas, rides, aquariums, restaurants and more. Plus, it’s much easier to build a sandcastle with damp sand!

3. Puddle Jumping: Get those wellies and raincoats on and get stuck in. You don’t have to search far to find muddy puddles this summer and it gets everyone outside, whatever the weather.  If your child doesn’t already have a raincoat (really?), check out these fantastic raincoats from Hatley, which are now 20% off. Grab a magnifying glass and a bug box for added excitement and look for creepy crawlies that come out in wet weather.

2. Visit an English Heritage or National Trust site:Many sites have indoor activities and events especially for children during the summer holidays.

National Trust have put together some wet-weather family activities  and English Heritage have also suggested some fantastic days out.

1. Go to the Olympics: It’s not every day that something as special as the Olympics is on your doorstep. If you don’t have tickets to any events you can still be part of the excitement by purchasing a ticket to the Olympic Park. Olympic Park Tickets are still available for £10, but you’d better be quick!

For other ideas on days out, select your region, type of activity and children’s age, visit Day Out With The Kids.

If you’re looking for ideas on what your kids should be wearing to prepare for the ever-changing weather, check out some of our ideas for British Kids Summer Fashion.

Happy Days!

*Please note that SKiN & BLiSS does not directly endorse any of the websites listed. We’re just here to help make your rainy days a bit brighter. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know!

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