Welcome to SKiN & BLiSS

SKiN & BLiSS….just another online kids store right?? Hopefully not. SKiN & BLiSS is a brand new home for kids clothing, BUT…..we have selected brands that share our vision of promoting Ethical Trade, that share our values & our passion of doing things differently.

We have selected brands such as Monkee Genes that only use organic cotton & are certified Fair Trade. Fair Trade essentially means that everyone in the supply chain is paid a fair price for the raw material even if the prices fluctuate. So the farmers do earn a living wage which is a core element of Ethical Trading.

We also champion brands that have a low impact on the environment such as Bread & Jam. The Bread & Jam dresses are not only the most gorgeous dresses you’re likely to see this year but they are made in the UK. They are actually made in Wales by a small team & they only make a limited quantity of each dress….much better for the environment.

Clearly we are not going to eradicate world poverty overnight but through supporting brands that see a value in trading ethically & championing UK companies such as Bread & Jam I’d like to think we can encourage more Mums & Dads and more brands to work this way.

Thanks for reading our first blog!!


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  1. Anna Lee June 3, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    Love the website Casey. A great venture , i wish you lots of sales!

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