Well Made by Mantis World

One thing that you quickly notice about the world of clothing is that it’s a very small knit community (terrible pun – sorry)…..and that can be a huge advantage when starting your own business. There are plenty of small creative businesses looking to grow & develop through working with equally passionate partners. And thankfully we have found plenty of like minded clothing companies to work with who share our values of working & manufacturing ethically.

OK, so the raison d’etre of SKiN&BLiSS, the philosophy, if you will…is to promote the values of ethical clothing. So when we decided to develop our own brand of tee shirts it was kind o’ vital we engaged with an equally passionate manufacturer who would help not only promote the values of ethical manufacturing but also produce some stunning products as well!!

Prama Bhardway founder of Mantis World is clearly passionate about manufacturing ethically well made clothing. Indeed Mantis World have set the standard for many to follow in terms of creating a positive impact on the people who manufacture the garment & the environment where the manufacturing happens. Crop care, water management & paying a living wage all go to ensure garments manufactured by Mantis World are indeed well made.

And it’s Mantis who will be providing the blank canvasses for SKiN&BLiSS to develop their own tee shirt collection. The collection is themed around a collection of eco-green warriors from Cissy (the Big Sister), Bill the Hill (the biggest green hill you’ve ever seen) and the Clouds who rain Earl Grey Tea. Hopefully we can appeal to Mom’s, Dad’s & Kid’s who can see the appeal of the characters & the value of promoting green & ethical values.

We should have the first tee shirts on www.skinandbliss.com in the next few weeks but heres a flavour of whats to come – so please  we’d love to know what you think.

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